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by Lady Level Up Boss
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BONUS: Meditation Stepping into Courage to Move Forward


It is my intention to help in the Healing + Restoration of our exhausted hearts.

I am sending love, peace, healing, and stillness.

I don’t know you.

You don’t know me.

In my heart, I know you are good.

You are a kind and loving person.

In this very difficult time, we all need more LOVE.

Thank you for listening.

I am sending you LOVE.

I believe in you.



There is always a call to expand.

There is always a call to evolve and blossom.

There is always a call to shed away what is no longer serving us.


I would like to know how are you feeling after this meditation.

You can send me an email. misskaceblog@gmail.com



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Bonus episode

by Lady Level Up Boss