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by Mayim Bialik
Mayim Bialik's Breakdown

Matthew McConaughey: Love Hard


Matthew McConaughey (Dazed and Confused, Dallas Buyers Club, Greenlights author) takes us on an electrifying journey through his intriguing life, from his intense childhood in which his parents divorced and remarried each other three times, to surviving off a head of lettuce with ketchup in Australia, to his current ambitions considering a run for political office. Matthew details his life-changing quests sparked by having the same wet dream twice and how he puts himself in positions to receive divine, prophetic messages from the universe. He explains why his dad was proud of him for getting into a bar fight, why he cries during births and not deaths, and why his son creates Powerpoint presentations to illustrate why Matthew is wrong. Mayim and Matthew discuss parenthood, and Matthew opens up about the sense of immortality he felt at the birth of his first child. Mayim breaks down binding anxiety and the science behind having gratitude.

Matthew McConaughey's Greenlights Book: https://greenlights.com/#book

Matthew McConaughey's just keep livin Foundation: https://jklivinfoundation.org/


Episode 45

by Mayim Bialik