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by Sabrina Perozzo
RealPositiveGirl - Weekly Encouragement & Mental Health

I'm Super Stressed. What Should I Do? - Advice from Others On Stress Management


I have been full of stress lately, dealing with work & a ton of other life things. But I decided I wanted to hear from YOU all online on what you think would be best for handling stress. Let's talk about YOUR suggestions!

Show Notes:

  • I have been super duper stressed lately with my day job. If you didn’t know, I work at our family business, an ecommerce agency. And I specifically manage ads for brands that sell on Amazon. And it has been so super busy & overwhelming lately.
  • And when stress comes along in my life, I typically have trouble not allowing it to affect everything else in my life. So this work stress isn’t just staying at work, it is slithering into my personal life & causing me to think about more than I should.
  • But I thought I would share with you some real life, in the moment stuff that I have been going through, in case you are experiencing something similar. And I wanted to give my real time reactions, because I honestly have never experienced this much stress in a work environment that didn’t have anything to do with drama. Past jobs had stressed me out because of the people I was working with or the management style. Right now it’s just the workload & desire to do our best for our clients in this moment that is contributing to my stress.
  • I also think it has something to do with me not knowing the best way for me, personally, to handle my stress. I have done previous episodes on how to handle stress, which was helpful for many of you & me, too, but I wanted more options.
  • So I decided to ask for some opinions on social media & I’m going to share those suggestions with you today! I am also going to share some ideas I have tested out over the past week that I believe are working really well for me, personally.
  • Here are the suggestions I got from social media friends:
  • Journaling.
  • Meditation.
  • Walking.
  • Listening to fun dance music.
  • Here are some of the things that have worked for me lately:
  • Playing video games.
  • Taking a bath.
  • Napping.
  • Shopping.

Thank you again for listening & I hope this episode was helpful.

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Episode 303

by Sabrina Perozzo