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by Matthew Adams
Saturday Morning Mental Health and Entertainment

Episode 02 - From the Page to the Screen. Mental Health in Literary Adaptations.


Two things I learned from this episode. 1) Don't record in the evenings, the ADHD medication has already worn off. 2) Don't edit at 3:00 AM, it's too easy to say "Yeah that's fine I guess."

Actual notes about the episode: We have our first guest on this one. We discuss several books that have been adapted to movies, most are rather old so you don't really get, or deserve a spoiler warning. We talk about the topic for our next episode so join us in two weeks for that! We also have a lot of outtakes that will get edited and upload throughout the week and we even have a 2 part episode that is already record that's not a real episode it's more of a general discussion. So keep your eyes peeled cus we will be surprise releases those sometime next week or whenever our lazy editor gets around to finishing those up!



by Matthew Adams