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Teach Me A Lesson with Greg James and Bella Mackie

How much should you wee on a jellyfish sting?


Greg James and Bella Mackie didn’t pay much attention at school. So they’re asking Britain’s most inspiring teachers to show them what they missed in this series of fascinating and fun lessons.

This week it's chemistry with Miss Assinder, who explores the idea that weeing on a jellyfish sting will neutralise the pain. Listen to the end to find out how much you need - and along the way you'll find out how Greg and Bella want to be disposed of after their death, how to get your kids to clean the bathroom, and how long it takes to dissolve a mouse.

Bad students of all ages are welcome. Expect brilliant teachers, captivating subjects but absolutely no homework.

Get in touch with your funny school stories and teacher recommendations - email us at teachme@bbc.co.uk



by BBC Radio 5 live