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by Dan Deigan
The High-Performance Logistics Sales Show

Stop going for Yesses and Go For The NOs! WHAATTT...


Out of all the books I've read and all the strategies I've tried and completely bombed on... This ONE is one that made me go, hmm... Critically think and CHANGE the way sales and its road to greatness moved...

This podcast session is a snippet from our weekly Inception Q&A calls. Multiple times a month, we bring in experts in different fields related to sales and next-level thinking.

This week, we bring Andrea Waltz from Go-For-No... So MUCH gold h=in this episode; enjoy and remember... You HAVE to hear Nos to get to ANY YES...

I mention the Sell Something Else Masterclass in this episode if you're interested... Check it out: https://www.dandeigan.com/sse-mc



by Dan Deigan