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The Minimal Mom

Ask Me Anything and why I haven’t talked about THIS

The Minimal Mom
The Minimal Mom

Today I answer YOUR questions! May I also ask you a question: Were you able to acheive your decluttering goals in 2023? If now, may I help you more closely?

The Take Your House Back Course is a powerful way that I can come along side you and make sure you get your home simplified in the new year! (And it's only $94 right now - normally $597!)

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- Do you & Diana pay each other? - What are you looking forward to in 2024? - What if I feel stuck decluttering? - If you had free time, how would you spend it? - How do I declutter hobby stuff? - What to do with an unfinished scrapbook? - Why don't you talk about foster care? - Will you help others declutter again? - What are your favorite minimalists books? - Does minimalism always lead to contentment? - Will you talk about homeschooling? - Favorite thing about being minimalist family? - Have you offended people by giving away their gifts? - What to say if decluttered a gift & they ask? - Advice for decluttering while pregnant & nesting? - Suggestions for decluttering while moving? - What is the right amount of home decor? - Do your kids get allowance? - How to say no to well meaning family? - How can I feel done with decluttering? - What happened with your bread making? - Favorite Christmas Tradition? - How do you & your family spend winter evenings? - How much time do you declutter weekly? - 28k pics on my phone, solution? - Favorite coffee to drink or make? - What do I do with old year books? - Can we see you kids' rooms? - Do you have a set day you grocery shop?


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