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Baggage in Boxes: Clutter's Link to Hidden Trauma

The Minimal Mom
The Minimal Mom

Have you ever had the thought, “why do these decluttering tactics work for everyone BUT me?” Is it possible that emotional or psychological trauma has contributed to the clutter and disorganization in your life? Listen in as Dawn and Anna Runkle from The Crappy Childhood Fairy address how clutter can often be a symptom of trauma and give encouragement on how to start the process of overcoming these hurdles in your life or in the lives of those you may know. IN THIS EPISODE: -Anna’s motivation in starting Crappy Childhood Fairy

- Encouragement on the “doability” of starting to heal and where to start

- Why It can be more helpful to write it out rather than talking it out!

- Removing mental clutter in order to help reduce physical clutter

- Theories on helping others who struggle with clutter

- Encouragement for the woman who always feels like an outlier

About Anna

Anna Runkle is not a doctor or therapist; she’s someone who grew up in a rough family that was deeply affected by addiction and all the problems that tend to go with that – poverty, violence, neglect, and shame.

Everything changed for her in 1994 when she stumbled upon two techniques that unexpectedly made her feel better – dramatically better. With that little bit of healing, she was able to, at last, begin changing the self-destructive patterns she had learned (common for trauma survivors) and change the course of my life. Today, almost half a million people follow her work and participate in her training. Her mission is to change the paradigm of what’s possible for people “like us” and to help all I can to heal and lead lives of joy and purpose.

See Anna’s video: Clutter as a Trauma symptom: https://youtu.be/FZwY4tAfX1A?si=As4YXzXeG0rJ-JknIG: https://www.instagram.com/crappychildhoodfairy/YT: https://www.youtube.com/@CrappyChildhoodFairyFREE course: the daily practice: https://courses.crappychildhoodfairy.com/daily-practice?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=daily-practice Welcome to The Official Minimal Mom Podcast. Thank you so much for listening and could I ask a favor? Would you mind following? It helps podcast apps recommend this podcast to more friends. Thank you! Dawn

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