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Chaos to Curated: How to Organize Your Digital Photos

The Minimal Mom
The Minimal Mom

Are you completely overwhelmed by the amount of digital photos saved in multiple places, on multiple devices? Do you dream of quickly and easily creating yearly photo books for your family, or simply being able to enjoy the memories?

Today, Dawn and Casey von Stein (known online as Miss Freddy) share organizational strategies for digital photos so that you and your family can stop being stressed and start enjoying the memories.


Casey is a professional photo organizer who took the organizational skills she fine-tuned during her 10 years as a professional photographer and created simple workflows that allow her clients and students to conquer their photo overwhelm and enjoy their photos again.


-If you can only do one thing…

-The positive emotional affect digital organization can have

-GEM Where to even begin making yearly yearbooks (minute 12:40) -How to handle working through family photos

-What trends are coming in the photo world


Ollie photo organizing app - https://get.goodones.app/yVeZ/pmmissfreddy

Miss Freddy Courses -https://shop.missfreddy.com/products

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/miss.freddy/

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