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by Mike Fisher
The Wisdom Track

Turning Adversity into An Opportunity


Adversity is a challenge for us all. In this new podcast, Mike Fisher author of the book Beating Anger and Mindfulness and The Art of Managing Anger shares his experiences of how to deal with adversity and turn it into an opportunity for growth success and of course happiness.

Mike has extensive experience in the field of human potential and with his vast experience in this field he offers many of us the opportunity to reframe our relationship to virtually all negative experience that we face in our life’s.  In his view adversity gives us choices whether we emotionally sink or swim. 

In this podcast Mike offers us the opportunity to consider and reflect on some key pointers to reframe out experiences by using this basic formula for change in our lives.

Such as above every dark cloud is a silver lining and when one door closes another door opens. He talks about trust your future self because it's your future self that has inside information into your own potential well-being. 

He reminds us that every single situation is an opportunity for growth and the key to that is living fully in the present but keeping an eye on the past and the future. One of his favourite quotes ‘Prepare for your future and know you cannot control it’  Another bit of advice is ‘If you want to change your circumstance then you have to change your reality’.

His conversations a pretty much common sense so in small ways he is just reminding us of what we already know but have forgotten. This podcasts is rich with over 14 ways to view diversity as an opportunity for growth. I most like his one on when life throws you curve balls become the curve ball. If you want to know more about Mike work in the field of stress and anger management visit his website www.angermanage.co.uk


1.      Above every grey cloud there is blue sky and sunlight. Below every dark cloud there is a silver lining

2.      One door closes and another opens. Opportunities knock at your door everyday

3.      Trust your future self, he has a clear idea of where he is going even when you don’t.

4.      Remind and reassure yourself that every situation is an opportunity for growth

5.      live fully in the present in the here and now and don’t worry about the future

6.      You can prepare of the future you cannot control it. 

7.      If you want to change your circumstance then change your reality 

8.      Step outside your comfort growth and be open and willing to learn

9.      the subtext to fear according to Susan Jeffers in her book ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ she suggest that the under underbelly of fear is us thinking to ourselves ‘I cannot handle it’. There is nothing that you cannot handle you can handle everything that life throws at you or have you never notice just how far you have come?

10.  Become as fast and agile as a curve ball - To catch a curve ball you need to become as agile curve ball

11.  Never say never, never say ‘I can’t’. There is no such thing as can’t

12.  The is nothing more limiting when you say yes but! Or what if! Yes butts and what if’s will most certainly hold you back.

13.  Don’t ask why it does not work. Instead say when it works!

14.  Finally - Believe in miracles 


Episode 1

by Mike Fisher