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The Worst Girl Gang Ever

S4, E20 - Emma and Gabby @bigfatnegative

Journalists and friends, Emma Haslett and Gabby Griffith, started the Big Fat Negative podcast in 2018 when they were struggling to conceive. Over 100 episodes in, they’ve recently published their book of the same name - an essential guide to infertility, IVF and the trials of trying for a baby.

You can follow them on instagram, listen to the pod and buy the book.

We had great fun chatting to these legends and as well as talking us through their own infertility battles we covered all sorts of other topics from jumpsuits, animal poo, 'shoving things up your vag', unnecessary appendicectomies and cow impressions. It's solid gold top quality content, as always.


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Find out more about THE PATHWAY TO RECOVERY which is designed to support, nurture and empower you following the loss of a baby as well as the TRYING TO CONCEIVE AFTER LOSS COURSE to support you through the pressures of TTC after loss. Both courses are self paced and run over 6 weeks with free access for up to 5 months.

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It's time to break the silence and open up the dialogue around the topics of miscarriage and pregnancy loss. No more shame, no more taboo, lets ditch it for our children; the ones that will come, the ones that are and the ones that never came to be.

The Worst Girl Gang Ever


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