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by Gemma Peanut & Kate Reeves
We Don't Have Time For This

When Your Bestie is Navigating Infertility


First up, the people need to know Gem's nickname, and Revz is on the case in this worldwide exclusive and it reminds us just how silly and insecure we all are about the dumbest things that literally no one else cares about. Speaking of names; to keep your name or change it when you get married? What about the kids? And here we go again at the p a t r i a r c h y. Also, throwing Gem further under the bus, we're talking bad, old tattoos... and guess who's inked up? Lucky she gives no f*cks!
Then, we finally get down to it, and the topic on the table is infertility. We have both experienced it, been there for each other through it, and are on the other side. So how do you support someone you love who is navigating life under the cloud of infertility? And how do you tell your childless friend that you are pregnant? We've been there, so you don't have to. Another Tuesday with your basic besties.

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Episode 25

by Gemma Peanut & Kate Reeves