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by Arsalan Merchant and Anusha Merchant
Whats Holding You Back ?

How to write your comeback story despite having a disability!


Episode 3 - This episode is definitely going to be an EPIC ONE! We are so excited to have  Niranjan Nergile with us today who will discuss how to make a comeback despite having a disability. He had finished his studies at IIT Mumbai (top college in India) and was offered to work in the US. But soon after he faced a tragedy that changed his life forever when the doctors told him he couldn’t walk forever of his life and has to be in a wheelchair but he didn’t stop fighting against the odds.

He discusses his initial reaction when he was told he was disabled for life and what made him never give up despite the situation seeming so tough. Moreover gives advice on how to approach a major setback in life and how to change your mindset which is often disabled.


Episode 3

by Arsalan Merchant and Anusha Merchant