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312. Chocolako - BALI EDITION: Womb wisdom - A journey of power and transformation


In todays episode I have the great honor to interview Chocolako, a yoga teacher and womb wisdom facilitaotor here in Bali with a truly touching story. Her family is from Nigeria but she is a first generation American and the first woman in her family to not have an arranged marriage. She has lived in Atlanta, New Zeeland, London, Nigeria and Mexico before she came to Bali. Before finding her passion for yoga and womb wisom, she studied an MBA in London and worked for a pharmaceutical company where she was the only black african woman working. There, she felt very pressured and when she understood she was burned out she stepped away and now she’s focusing on prioritizing her health and harmony - and helping other people do the same.

In this episode Chocolako shares her unique and transforming life story and we talk about traumas, womb wisdom, and understanding the womb. We talk about how to shift energy, the journey of removing fibroids from her womb, and all the biggest challenges and experiences that came with it. 

I’ll tell you, this is an extraordinary story you haven’t heard before. Enjoy!

Links for Chocolakos upcoming training dates: 

Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Training: 


Womb Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training:


Chocolakos Upcoming Training Dates: 

Bali - Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Training April 12 - 21, 2024

Bali - Cacao Ceremony Facilitation Training May 8 - 18, 2024

Bali - Womb Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training June 10 - 30, 202

Chocolakos Upcoming Retreats:

Kenya - Renew Your Rhythm Safari and Festival Retreat Oct 23 - Nov 3, 2024

Läs mer & boka mig som föreläsare, livepoddare eller moderater till dina events här: https://lyckoverkstan.se/lyckoforelasningar/

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