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314. Ma Ananda Sarita - BALI EDITION: Relearn love in a healthy way


Love, relationship and intimacy ♥ In today’s episode I have the great honor to introduce you to Ma Ananda Sarita, a spiritual teacher, coach and healer that has created the powerful program called Tantra Essence full of workshops, retreats, classes, meditation, joy and laughter, in order to spread the knowledge of Tantra, Meditation and Love throughout the world. She has a deep and profound experience within tantra and meditation and has been immersed with her own path of spirituality since 1973. In this weeks episode, we talk about the important power of love and intimacy, how to stop projecting things on others, and what true happiness actually is. From this episode you will learn how to practice intimacy, our most common misunderstandings about love, and also how to relearn love in a healthy way. 

I just love all the deep and profound knowledge Sarita is expressing in this episode and it truly resonates with me. I hope you guys will enjoy it to. Love and light ♥

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