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Canadian True Crime

The Trial of Hedley’s Jacob Hoggard—Part 5

Canadian True Crime
Canadian True Crime

Content warning: graphic details of sexual violence

[Part 5 of 5] This final part of the series wraps up the 2022 trial of Jacob Hoggard, exploring how the jury may have arrived at that split verdict and the new information that came out at sentencing. We'll circle back to tie up some loose ends, including the intended testimony from one particular witness who was excluded from the trial, and lastly.... that mysterious 2005 incident at The Embassy Hotel in London Ontario. 

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual violence or abuse, you are not alone.

Resources for Sexual Violence and Abuse: REES Community, Ending Violence Canada 

FULL LIST of resources, information sources, and credits used to make this series:

The full list can be found at the page for this episode at canadiantruecrime.ca/episodes.

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This month we have donated to Good Night Out Vancouver &Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre.


Research: Eileen MacFarlane of Crimelapse Podcast

Additional research, writing, sound design: Kristi Lee

Audio editing and production: We Talk of Dreams

Production assistance: Jesse Hawke

Theme songs by We Talk of Dreams

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Canadian True Crime
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