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The Fiscal Firecrackers

13. The Emotional Rollercoaster of Money


We all know money isn’t just about the numbers. It’s SO much more. Our personal history and specific circumstances can affect every financial decision we make. Sometimes we feel lacking even though we have plenty in the bank. Or maybe we feel like we will never have enough. Episode 13 of @fiscalfirecracker “The Emotional Rollercoaster of Money” helps you understand what may trigger your emotional response to money and how to best to handle it. Galia shares tips on understanding your early money memories, how to detach emotionally and exercise financial self-compassion plus how to get financial help to finally fix a recurring problem. Susan shares how taking a walk can change your perspective, ways to self-soothe, sound baths with gongs, alcohol-free rum and why you shouldn’t take nude selfies in a grocery store parking lot.