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Ableton Music Producer Podcast

#143 - Alexia Riner

Ableton Music Producer Podcast
Ableton Music Producer Podcast

Alexia Riner is an electronic music producer, sound designer, installation artist and DJ, who specializes in building complex soundscapes for a range of media. Since receiving a dual-Bachelor’s in Music Technology and Film Scoring from Berklee College of Music, Alexia has performed both in the US and internationally, and has produced for a variety of artists including Madame Gandhi. She has collaborated with prominent companies like Ableton and Native instruments, developing innovative sound installations and sound design. One of her career highlights includes Perimeter- a collaboration with Angelica Tavella featured at Ableton’s 2018 Loop conference. Perimeter is an interactive audio installation commissioned by Ableton, involving the installation of multi-sensor systems across Hollywood which played music when triggered. She has received various awards and recognition for her work including “Best Score” at the Hollywood Film Festival for Sewra G Kidane’s film “As Above.” Alexia is currently working on upcoming experiential installations and film scores, as well as wrapping up her second album this year.

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(Episode Music: Coconut Crab by 7apes)

Ableton Music Producer Podcast
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