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PC Perspective Podcast

Podcast #713 - AM4 still king, Nvidia fixes CPU use, Intel fixes power draw, AMD price cut, More RTX 3060's! +++

PC Perspective Podcast
PC Perspective Podcast

Not a heavy news week, but still much fun to be had! But ... this makes for a 45 minute show after the fluff was removed (and if you like all the fun+ fluff, visit patreon.com/pcper !) Radeon pricing adjustment, Agesa 24GB support issues, Nvidia hot fixes CPU usage, more RTX 3060's are probably on the way, TPM 2.0 is probably terrible, and AMD might preview FSR 3.0 and so much more!

00:00 Intro
00:36 Food with Josh
02:27 NVIDIA issues hotfix for high CPU usage
04:13 AMD AGESA not yet supporting the new 24GB DIMMs, apparently
05:08 AMD platform maturity ramblings
08:02 Yet another RTX 3060 variant rumored
09:16 Microsoft vs 3rd Party UI customization utilities
11:51 Podcast sponsor - SaneBox
13:01 Radeon RX 7900 XT finally selling for $799
15:02 Intel Arc high idle power draw fix
17:09 Intel scraps Rialto Bridge server GPU
24:18 AMD to possibly show FSR 3.0 at GDC - DLSS 3 FG competitor
26:26 Cooler Master has a 4K high-refresh mini-LED monitor for under $1k
29:03 Podcast sponsor - Kolide
30:09 Security Corner
35:34 Gaming Quick Hits
41:19 Picks of the Week
46:12 Outro
46:32 Bonus clip: Josh turns the camera around!!!

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PC Perspective Podcast
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