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The Russia-Ukraine War Report

Russia-Ukraine War Update for March 3, 2023

The Malcontent News Russia-Ukraine War Report is a truth-based, fact-checked update on events happening on and off the battlefield in Ukraine. Our team reviews hundreds of sources of information a day to help you stay informed. Today's report, with your host, David Obelcz, covers Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov getting laughed at in India, an update on Bakhmut, is Russia exhausting its combat potential (again), and deliciously salty snark from Igor Streklov Girkin.
Support the showThank you for listening and making Malcontent News your trusted source for information about the Russia-Ukraine War. We deeply appreciate our community.Did you know we have a Russia-Ukraine War Map? It is a great companion to the podcast.Russia-Ukraine War MapThe Russia-Ukraine War Report Podcast is hosted byLinnea HubbardDavid ObelczWriting StaffDavid ObelczJeff DavisRobert GuardetteAna Ras - en EspanolIntro/OutroNatasha AranciniSound EngineerLinnea HubbardTell us what you think about our podcast!Twitter @MalcontentmentTE-mail social@malcontentment.comBecome a Patreon for more content and to provide financial support at patreon.com/TheMalcontentMalcontent News and the Russia-Ukraine War Report Podcast is produced by Badon Hill Group, LLC
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The Russia-Ukraine War Report
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