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Our Predictions For 2024

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What will this next year bring? And what does it mean for gaming? Kirk, Maddy, and Jason go over last year's predictions to see who won the big bet, then throw down some hot new declarations for what's to come in 2024.

One More Thing:

Kirk: Learning to Play Piano When There Is No Recital, by Kelsey McKinney

Maddy: Dark Souls

Jason: Ace Attorney 4: Apollo Justice


Chris Dahlen’s excellent 2012 essay about Dark Souls: https://kotaku.com/what-dark-souls-is-really-all-about-5874599

Kelsey McKinney’s essay “Learning To Play Piano Where There Is No Recital”: https://defector.com/learning-to-play-piano-when-there-is-no-recital

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  1. The new Nintendo console will have "Switch" in the name
  2. Ubisoft will be acquired
  3. REDACTED will still die in FFXVII Rebirth
  4. An indie game (small team) will win GOTY at the game awards
  5. Nintendo will announce a remake of A Link to The Past
  6. At least one video game will use generative AI in the game itself
  7. Bethesda/Microsoft will announce an Elder Scrolls TV show
  8. Hollow Knight: Sillksong will come out in May
  9. Valve will announce a non-VR Half-Life game
  10. Nvidia will announce a Steam Deck Competitor

Bonus: Apple buys Nintendo

Game: Far Cry 2


  1. The Switch 2 will be called the Super Nintendo Switch
  2. Metroid Prime 4 will be a launch game on the Switch 2 in 2024
  3. Summer Game Fest 2024 will get material participation from either Sony or Nintendo (showing games on campus)
  4. Warner Bros. will announce a sequel to Hogwarts Legacy
  5. Tears of the Kingdom will announce DLC after all
  6. FF7 Rebirth will NOT kill off that one character who we all know died in the original game and instead a different character will be killed in that same way
  7. Three major games will use AI voices in a method similar to The Finals, meaning human actors’ performances are bolstered by AI trained on their voices
  8. Geoff Keighley will become embroiled in a career-threatening scandal (people will refer to him as “canceled”)
  9. We will see a major biopic film announced about a video game streamer
  10. Dragon Age Dreadwolf will be canceled

Bonus: Kristen Stewart will get cast as Link in the Zelda movie

Game: Ocarina of Time


  1. Metroid Prime 4 will launch on Switch and Switch 2 - day one of Switch 2
  2. Konami will release the Suikoden remastered collection within 4 weeks of Eiyuden Chronicle
  3. A different character will die instead of REDACTED in FFVII Rebirth
  4. Elden Ring DLC is so substantial it turns into a standalone budget-priced game (like Lost Legacy)
  5. Nintendo will do something substantial with the Mother series (Earthbound remake, rerelease, etc)
  6. Apple will announce a big-budget exclusive game for Apple Vision Pro
  7. Civilization 7 will be announced and released this year
  8. Microsoft's Activision will bring back Guitar Hero
  9. The new Switch will make you pay for backwards compatibility
  10. Saudi Arabia will buy a major video game company

Bonus: The Zelda movie will feature a COMPLETELY SILENT Link

Game: Crosscode

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