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Wake Up: Questioning the Mainstream for a Healthy Body & Mind with Chervin Jafarieh


Chervin Jafarieh is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Cymbiotika, a game-changing health brand built on, as we learn in this episode, deep knowledge and ancient connective philosophies. Chervin knows a lot about everything, having awakened to the world’s truths as a young child, and we aren’t shy in ushering this conversation in every direction it wanders in.
He touches on technology and its role in poisoning the collective mind, dieting and the important role that oral health plays in our longevity, EMF, morning routines, biohacking, and cycles of abuse in the media. Don't worry, we make sure to do a deep, deep dive on his incredible products – the innovative body solubility of liposomes and so much more. 
Chervin’s well of understanding and empathy is so deep – it’s truly heart opening to share such a flowing and inspiring conversation with the Almost 30 community. Enjoy.
We also talk about:
Chervin’s early childhood awakening to purpose 
Cycles of abuse in the media
Getting honest and accountable 
The intelligence of our subconscious
The roles that food and eating play in our lives
Assessing our place as a society 
Cymbiotika product breakdown 
Learning about liposomes
General and oral health tips
Chervin’s morning routine

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