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by Charlotte Sherston
Be Less Crap

Saving Money on Your Household Bills with Joel Gibson


Wouldn't it be fabulous to save stacks of cash without making any changes to your current lifestyle? In this week's episode, I chat with Joel Gibson, a bloke with the inside track on the shortcuts, hacks and loopholes you can use to start saving this very afternoon. He's the author of 'Kill Bills', 'the bible for saving thousands of dollars on your major household bills' and we discuss everything from why loyalty doesn't pay to the sly consumer tricks the big companies use to keep you on board. Listen in to make sure you aren't a 'Sleeping Beauty' and find out how tricks like 'The De Niro' will ensure you are never ripped off again. If the Jan New Year's resolutions didn't take - here's your chance for a Feb do-over. If you find this episode useful, I'd be delighted if you'd write me a nice review - Thanks!

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Episode 4

Season 1

by Charlotte Sherston