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Better Etc. with Trista Sutter

Living the Dream, and The Struggles, with Ben Higgins


This week Trista is joined by someone she (and many of you) have known for quite a while, Bachelor Nation fan favorite, Ben Higgins! Ben is known most for being The Bachelor on the show’s 20th season, but he is more than just a handsome face. He is the co-founder of Generous Coffee, a movement to multiply good in the world, and has a seat on the board of the Humanity and Hope United Foundation. He is also a podcast host and the author of Alone in Plain Sight, written with the purpose of helping people feel less alone. Despite how “perfect” his life may appear from the outside, Ben struggles with feeling like an outsider, and has a raw and vulnerable conversation with Trista all about mental health. They both open up about their inner battles, especially as they relate to their time with the franchise. He also opens up for the first time about a recent breakdown, and how he’s taking some time to sort through it all, at home in Indiana. In this honest discussion, Ben emphasizes the value of leaning into the truth of the moment, relying on the wisdom of Richard Rohr and his 5 essential truths, and knowing that he isn’t alone.    
To keep up with Ben, you can follow him on Instagram @higgins.ben! Plus, listen to Hope Still Wins and Almost Famous wherever you listen to podcasts, and purchase Alone in Plain Sight when you’re looking for that next great book.  
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Episode 35

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