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by Jessie Reimers
Deepen with the Plants

Deepen with Blue Tansy


Welcome to the tenth episode of Deepen with the Plants where we deepen with Black Spruce essential oil. You can register at anytime to join this free program at https://getafreshstart.lpages.co/deepenwithplants/

Shop Oils at http://www.getafreshstart.com.au/shop-doterra/

Deepen with the Plants Playlist https://open.spotify.com/playlist/4Fc2xGRerv938uoplbQZoi?si=K6NPiY4zSZeQZqzK5arIyA

Follow me on instagram @jessie_reimers tag me in your posts/stories this week as you deepen with this blend, write in to me at jessrems@gmail.com and share your experiences of Blue Tansy.

Next week we are deepening with Cardamom.

For the rest of March the other oils we will be tuning in with are Cassia and Cedarwood.

If you are placing your order now in time for April the other oils we will be deepening with are Celery Seed, Cheer, Cilantro and Cinnamon, order these now so they arrive in time for April.

Don't have oils yet? Contact the person that introduced you or email me at jessrems@gmail.com or head to http://www.getafreshstart.com.au/shop-doterra/ to get started, you can get a starter kit or custom order the next oils in the program and have them drop shipped to your door at wholesale prices.

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Episode 10

Season 1

by Jessie Reimers