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by Sarah Murungi
Goal'd In Africa

#19: A women empowerment Rhetoric:Women empowerment in Action |Chara Itoka


In this part 2 of my conversation with Chara Itoka of the Itoka Group, we explore life through the eyes of a 19-25 year old Chara. Particularly, what she had to do to become the successful woman she is today. Chara also tells us the impact of working directly under the first female president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia. In a nutshell, Chara shares her most impactful tips to her success. Hint, hint, it has a lot to do with mentorship and networking. 

This is a powerful episode, and I hope you learn a thing or two on how you can take charge of your life and groom yourself to become a great African. As always, Stay Goal'd and go get it!!



by Sarah Murungi