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by Daniel Nti - Boakye
Goals & Growth with Daniel Boakye

Attitude of Contentment


Let me tell you what's wrong with you, "you are never satisfied with anything!"
You see - - you have "this" - the next minute you realize your friend or colleague has "that", which may be far better than your "this."
So then what do you do?
You start craving for your friend's "that".
In your mind you go like: "I have to get "that" too, I deserve it."
But this is where the underlying problem is; your state of finances, in other words, the contents of your purse, cannot afford your insatiable cravings.
You know why? - This is why: "Even if you manage to get what you were hungry for at a point in time; that which you were having sleepless over - you sooner or later see something far far better and catchier than what you've managed to acquire now.
The cycle then continues.
So you may look alright on the outside, but inwardly you are always sick; sick with jealousy, being eaten up by greed, your soul tainted jet black with envy.
And the reason is simple, your financial status cannot keep up with your escalating carnal desires and materialistic nature.
So then, if the desire grows so strong that you can't acquire what you wish and crave so much for, it floods your thoughts with anxiety and worry.
These, in turn, give birth to sleepless nights, regrets and ultimately depression.
Until you understand that you can't have "everything", and learn to be okay with the "something" you have, no matter how big or small, your entire life will revolve around this cycle of pain, misery, and regret.
You can never be truly happy if you don't develop an attitude of contentment.
So what at all I'm I rumbling about?
I'm just telling you this: "Be content with what you have!!!!"



by Daniel Nti - Boakye