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by Lacey Iskra
Lifestyle U Podcast

Welcome to the Lifestyle U Podcast! (Ep. 1)


Welcome everyone to the first episode of the Lifestyle U podcast with your host me Lacey Iskra. I want to start this podcast with 3 episodes taking you through my journey from high school to how I came to be a fitness coach and owner of Lifestyle U. Many of the struggles and pains you might be dealing with right now I've gone through and I want to show you how you can instill an approach to fitness and nutrition with sustainable results and... you enjoy doing along the way.

Time Stamps:

(0:00) Welcome to the Lifestyle U Podcast!

(0:35) Our Mission at Lifestyle U

(1:36) Who I Am

(4:26) My Sport Background

(7:35) Starting My Fitness Journey

(8:33) Fat Loss Pills

(13:43) Hiring a Coach and A Pretend Prep


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by Lacey Iskra