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by Amy Nhan
Live Life Well: The Podcast

6 - Empathy and Active Listening: A conversation with Jen Wright and Sophie Taua'i


As a follow on from Episode 5, we are sharing an intimate and real conversation Amy had with NZ born soul-centred coach and founder of her own creative business agency, Sophie Taua'i and a mama of seven kids, founder of Let Light In and soon-to-be author, Jen Wright (also a Kiwi) who has worked and lived with Indigenous communities in Australia for over 10 years.

What started out as a conversation geared towards discussing racism and reconciliation pivoted to an emphasis on empathy and active listening. We cover things such as growing up bi-racial or not white, how that’s affected the choices we’ve made in life, lived stories of racism that we’ve experienced but also acknowledgment of our own bias and prejudices as well. It’s open, unfiltered and we even hear a little peep from one of Jen’s kids towards the end of the episode!

You can connect on Instagram with Sophie: @sophieco.coach and Jen: @jenwright_story.

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Episode 6

Season 1

by Amy Nhan