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by Jessi, Giana & Lindsay
Real Girl Series

Adrienne Fisher - Tuning into the Earth’s Rhythms with Sacred Rituals


When we first met Adrienne Fisher, Founder of Meraki Nomad, we were instantly transported to a sacred space where magic is possible. We absolutely loved hearing about how she connects to plant spirits and about her training in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing, Herbalism, and Holistic Healing. Her ceremonial oils are incredibly special and deeply transformative. She invites us all to slow down, embrace ritual, and nurture our beautiful bodies and we happily accept her invitation. 

Topics We Discuss: 

  • Plant Medicine
  • Holistic Healing
  • Sacred Oil Massage

In the Episode, We Learn:

  • Adrienne’s heritage includes Lebanese, Irish, Indigenous American.
  • About her childhood memories that included talking to trees and rivers.
  • About her fashion background and how that led to her love of indigenous cultures.
  • How she connects and calls in plant spirits.
  • How different plants can positively affect your nervous system.
  • About the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing.
  • The story of how Meraki Nomad was founded.
  • How she creates her oils through ceremony with the plants.
  • How she channeled her transformative Snake Skin Body Scrub.
  • Her experience receiving advice from her plant allies.
  • How she invites people to create a ritual with her oils.
  • Adrienne’s personal oil ritual.
  • Why she created Oil of the Sisters and Light of the Dove and their medicinal aspects.




Episode 51

by Jessi, Giana & Lindsay