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by Jessi, Giana & Lindsay
Real Girl Series

Nicolle Merrilyne - Intuitive Healing + Coming Back to Yourself


Intuitive Healer and Medium, Nicolle Merrilyne, vulnerably shares her experience of coming back to herself and her intuitive gifts after a toxic relationship that ended in grief. We admire her courage and love her calm, soothing energy as she shares her insights and teaches us about the intuitive tools we all have within us. She reminds us to do what we are called to do, to listen to our intuition, to trust the answers are within us, and most importantly, to play. 

Topics We Discuss: 

  • Intuitive Healing
  • Mediumship
  • Energy Work

In the Episode, We Learn:

  • Nicolle grew up in a very open and spiritually conscious family.
  • Her dad taught her how to meditate when she was really young.
  • She grew up seeing spirits and talking openly about it with her family.
  • Energetic work was really important to her family growing up.
  • About the experience she had as a kid that closed the door to her seeing spirits until she was older and ready to invite them back in.
  • About how she finally woke up and ended a toxic relationship that lasted 5 years.
  • Her ex passed away only 2 months after she ended the relationship.
  • How the grief manifested in her body.  
  • What intuitive healing is.
  • How to protect your energy and release stagnant energy.
  • The importance of intention when you are clearing energy in your physical body or in a space.
  • Why she created a one on one, 3 month program that includes an action plan with goals, steps, meditations, readings, and support calls.
  • The importance of play.


  • Nicolle Merrilyne’s IG
  • Nicolle Merrilyne’s Website



Episode 47

by Jessi, Giana & Lindsay