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by Jessi, Giana & Lindsay
Real Girl Series

Rose Theodora - How Astrology Illuminates our Power, Intuition, Self-Love & Relationships


Astrologer and Spiritual Counselor, Rose Theodora, shares how our astrological natal charts illuminate a deeper understanding of ourselves, supporting us to cultivate self-love, tune into our power, and consciously choose relationships that will desire to experience. As a modern mystic, Rose graciously goes deep into all of our charts, shedding light on some beautiful dynamics at play. We are reminded of the important, necessary, and fun work that is self-discovery. Know thyself, dear friends.

Topics We Discuss: 

  • Astrology 
  • Conscious Relationships
  • Self-Love

In the Episode, We Learn:

  • About her unconventional family experience and how it shaped who she is today.
  • She was exposed to the Arts and Spirituality at a very young age.
  • She knew she wanted to help and take care of people at a very young age.
  • How her grandfather helped guide her to pursue her mystical career as an astrologist and spiritual counselor.
  • Astrology is our relationship to the Universe.
  • How to use your chart to explore relationship dynamics.
  • What Giana, Lindsay and Jess’ signs Sun, Moon, Rising signs are and how they overlap.
  • The many different kinds of astrology Rose has studied.
  • Birth chart is a magnetic signature that can attract and repel people.
  • How your natal chart can give you clarity on your purpose.
  • The 2nd house is what you value and is therefore, very important when looking at what you value in a relationship.
  • How you can use your chart to cultivate self-love.
  • The 10 Principles of Conscious Relationships.
  • There are some things that bring balance to your chart and some things that compliment your chart.
  • About Aesthetics and your natal chart.




Episode 42

by Jessi, Giana & Lindsay