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by Jess & Kristen

From Stage to Screen to Disney Parks In Between: Our Chat with Stephanie Styles


We couldn't finish ReDIScover Summer School without talking about our all-time favorite extra-curricular activity - Musical Theater! So, for today's episode, we thought we'd bring in a professional!

Today we welcomed Stephanie Styles to the ReDIScover stage, who is not only a life-long musical theater performer but also a film and television actor. As well as a huge Disney fan!

Stephanie has performed in the national tour of "Newsies" as Katherine Plummer, on Broadway in "Kiss Me Kate" as Bianca/Lois Lane, on "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist" as Autumn, and so much more.

Throughout Stephanie's life and career, she has consistently stayed grounded in her authenticity and her true self no matter where her path has lead her. She is a prime example of what it's like to lean into your passions because they fill you with joy - especially when it comes to being a "Disney adult."

This episode is absolutely overflowing with wisdom for any aspiring actor or Disney fans of all ages. Stephanie is truly our kindred spirit and an absolute ray of sunshine. We are so excited to share this episode and hope you enjoy listening!

Connect with Stephanie Styles:

Instagram: @bystyles

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Episode 44

Season 2

by Jess & Kristen