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S4E9 Towards Mental Hygiene " ...you're killing more people than yourself." Ft. Dr. Edith Kamaru Kwobah


A report from the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights released in September 2020 reveals that 1,442 persons are reported to have attempted suicide between 2015 and 2018.

Additionally, a survey conducted by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics Economic Survey reports that 196 cases of suicide were recorded in the country in 2020 with the figures revealing that the number is 4 times higher for men compared to women.

On this episode, The 2030 Podcast shines a crucial spotlight on a worrying trend that forms part of the 13% of mental illness disease burden in the country. Resident psychiatrist Dr. Edith Kwobah returns to the podcast to talk about the heaving burden of suicide especially among young people, and what YOU can do to both prevent the scourge from affecting you and your loved one.

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Episode 9

Season 4

by The 2030 Podcast