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by Christine MacCarroll
The Bitch Fix: Health and Hormones for the Modern Woman

Ep 80 The Hormone Healing Priority List


Imagine sitting down and trying to eat all your meals for the whole week in one sitting. Or having your GPS spew out all the directions you’d need for your trip the second you closed the front door. It just wouldn’t work, right? There’s an order to things, and also only so much that can be implemented at once.

This is often where people get stuck. They either don’t know where to start (so just stay put) or have so much input they freeze (and still just stay put). Either way, ain’t no one going anywhere. That’s why I created the Hormone Healing Priority list, with physiology as the foundation. You can work WITH your body, just as she wants to, step by step, so you can stop being stuck and start getting your mood, energy and mojo back. On today’s episode, I’m showing you the map.


Episode 80

by Christine MacCarroll