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by Judith Ebengho
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Be more with Ifeoluwa Adegoke #MINDSETSHIFT


Ifeoluwa declared financial freedom from home in her 2nd year in the university, you'll agree that's a boss move right? Today she has built a thriving financial literacy platform money talks with Ife. She believes the whole money conversation begins with the mind.

To walk towards achieving your own financial freedom, tune in to listen.

Ifeoluwa Adegoke is a financial education advocate, author and Entrepreneur. Her book THE MINDSET SHIFT TO FINANCIAL FREEDOM is one of the most relatable and simple financial books that teaches the right mindset to money.
As a teenager that grew up in an environment of financial instability and poverty, she sought after a way to have financial stability and growth, which she found through FINANCIAL EDUCATION.
At age 19 after her mother’s demise, she started her first business called cake et al which grew to become Deoladesserts today in the city of Abuja.
She has committed herself to educating young people like her with adequate financial education because she strongly believes that – Everyone can have financial freedom if only they know how to. She is a living testimony of this statement amongst other millennials who have done the same over and over again.
She is the founder of the MONEYTALKSWITHIFE financial education platform where she teaches young people financial education through simple and effective financial principles.
She is passionate about helping young people build a secure financial future. Connect with Ife on Instagram and listen MoneytalkswithIFE podcast

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Episode 8

Season 2

by Judith Ebengho