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by Judith Ebengho
The JM show

Be more with Mirabelle Morah #JUSTDOIT


In this episodes, Mirabelle Morah takes us on her journey of innovation, ideas pursuit and execution. She has a unique way of handling feedback/criticism to find out more, jump right in. 

“Fascinated by the power of storytelling and digital media in raising awareness on social issues, Mirabelle Morah is the Editorial and Communications Head of BlankPaperz Media, a platform she founded to amplify the voices and stories of young Africans who are working towards social good. BlankPaperz has grown with over 179 writers & contributors across Africa and other continents and has held in-person communication trainings. She’s been recognised by the US Department of State and has also been named an Ashoka Africa Youth Champion/Young Changemaker. Inspired by the words of Napoleon Hill, Mirabelle believes that our limitations are mostly those that we set up in our own minds.” Connect with Mirabelle on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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