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by Lauren Eliz Love
The Lauren of Love Podcast

EP 238: Dark Night of the Soul


In today's episode, I talk about dark nights of the soul. Specifically, what they are, how to navigate them, my stories, what I have learned,  and tips and tricks for moving through these seasons of life.

Dark night of the soul is a part of a process coined by Jospeh Campbell called “the Hero’s Journey”. It is the traveling and navigations of the life of the “hero” archetype who is claiming their life and freedom. It is a circular process, an evolution that this person goes through to find themselves.

The hero claims and continues to reclaim their life. They are waking up to their power and truth, The dark night of the soul is a moment of darkness that exists in the process of returning home to yourself. These seasons of life are TEMPORARY. Some people live in this space, but YOU a conscious, evolved being working on themselves need to know that you will move through this. It can be really hard to anchor into this realization as we can get lost in the darkness, but please know this is temporary.

You may feel depressed, detached, or like your world is falling apart. You may fear that it will never go away. I like to look at dark nights as rattlings and recalibrations. Our worlds feel stressed and intense, but at the same time we are recalibrating into our highest self and everything coming up in our dark night is here to be released.

If things feel heavy, please do not be hard on yourselves. Often times, our dark night times bring out the emotions we hold back. Be able to experience the process without the self bullying.

We shouldn’t be afraid of low vibrations, they will go away once we learn the lesson. You will look back on this experience with love and appreciation for the lessons you learn in your dark night.

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by Lauren Eliz Love