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by Beyond My Battle
Unfixed Podcast

Finding My People - Online Communities with Jenny McGibbon and Stefanie Grant


Having a chronic illness as a young adult can be isolating. Healthy peers don’t understand and the medical world feels designed for older people. Then one day, you find people like you online. These online communities weren’t always there – a few brave pioneers paved the way for these safe spaces to take flight. In this episode, Stefanie Grant and Jenny McGibbon discuss how they started sharing their health journeys online in their early 20s. For both Stefanie, who has facial pain disorders and Fibromyalgia, and Jenny, who has Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) and Short Bowel Syndrome, their blogs began as a personal outlet during a time they felt alone in their health battles. As their journeys evolved, so did their blogs, becoming online communities that now serve thousands. Together, they discuss their responsibilities as leaders within the space, the delicate balance that exists between positivity and authenticity, and how they attempt to hold space for others while recognizing everyone has a different lived experience.


Episode 11

Season 2

by Beyond My Battle