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by Beyond My Battle
Unfixed Podcast

Our Heroes with Bethany Cook and Tamara Cook


Sometimes our heroes aren’t legendary figures, they're the ones right in our home. Bethany Cook’s world shattered when she was diagnosed with Narcolepsy and Cataplexy on the brink of young adulthood. Her mother, Tamara Cook was there to catch her as she fell into grief. As Bethany faced loss of identity, Tamara dealt with the loss of loved ones. Together the two have marched side-by-side in the battlefield of life while caring for each other’s needs. In this episode Bethany, a grad student pursuing psychology, and her mother Tamara, founder of the nonprofit Heart 4 Children, dive into their unbreakable bond that developed out of an unexpected place: mutual suffering. Tamara explains how she was able to draw on her own life experiences to be the compassionate caregiver her daughter needed. Bethany recounts the ways her mother was a steady anchor during turbulent times with her chronic illness, offering just the right balance between encouragement and listening. It’s an intimate conversation on grief, acceptance and what it looks like to care for others in their time of need.


Episode 9

Season 2

by Beyond My Battle