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by Laura Kuimba Yu
WomenWILL: Women In Leadership Limelight

Mapping Your Life Path - Dr Kavita Pandit (Part 1) #WomenWILL005


005. Dr. Kavita Pandit is a Professor of Geosciences and senior advisor to the Provost at Georgia State University. A distinguished academic and university leader, she is also the former president of the American Association of Geographers and has received numerous disciplinary and university awards for her achievements and contributions. 

It's a big question - how do you define what you really want? One crucial key is separating your assumed obligations i.e. your "shoulds" from what gives you a true sense of contentment i.e. your "wants".  In part one of this conversation, Dr. Kavita shares about growing up as a young girl in India, moving to the US to chart her own path, the influence of role models and mentors in her life, and ultimately defining her destiny and legacy.  

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Episode 5

Season 1

by Laura Kuimba Yu