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Healing Broken Trust In Your Marriage After Infidelity

23 Things the Betrayed Partner Wants The Unfaithful Partner to Know After Affair(s) Have Destroyed Your Relationship

This episode is like a mini-letter to the unfaithful spouse. Our goal is to help you articulate many of the things you might be feeling but can't seem to put your finger on.

Also, you may have heard about our workshops and master class programs…

You may be listening to this wondering why would we join the Healing Broken Trust workshop and program?

“We’re already in counseling, or something else, and I mean Brad and Morgan cover everything they have to say in the podcast anyways, right?”

Well not quite.

First of all, if you’re in counseling right now you still need the workshop.

Individual counseling doesn’t solve marriage issues. And I bet your marriage counselor is working on the marriage and missing all the glaring affair recovery issues you haven’t yet dealt with.

In addition to that…we deal with so much more in the program that we’ve never covered on the podcast.

Such as:

  • When sharing emotions is not enough,
  • When being the healer doesn’t solve the trust issues,
  • Or when your spouse isn’t helping you heal at all,
  • When cutting off the affair partner isn’t simple or straightforward in your situation,
  • When you’ve decided to re-engage and work on the relationship but the underlying causes for the affair aren’t dealt with,
  • When you think you know why the affair happened and then you are given new information,
  • When you have blind spots and can’t see what you’re missing,
  • When you’re not used to sadness so you do everything not to experience it, but in the process, you loose all access to intimacy.
  • You’re super positive, sure of the solution, thinking everything is explainable, but do you really understand why your spouse decided to look outside the relationship for some need to be met? What need were they trying to meet?

These are just some of what we help couples deal with in our workshop and program.

So go to healingbrokentrust.com now and join us for the next workshop before it fills up.

Healing Broken Trust In Your Marriage After Infidelity


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