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by Michael Daly
Being Yoga with Michael Daly

How to Develop Confidence and Self Worth to Live Your Passion. Vanessa Rudge and Michael Daly


Do you struggle with self doubts, low self worth and a lack of confidence? Is there something you really want to do but just feel crippled and can't find your voice? In this weeks episode Vanessa and myself sit down to talk about all things confidence and living with passion.

Vanessa shares her story about her first year teaching yoga and having to deal with so much anxiety and self doubt. She describes her process and what she had to do to get through it. We talk about the power of reframing experiences and acting As If. We talk about the fact that self worth isn't a 'thing' you can put into a box and it's often just a misperception about who we are. We discuss the idea of intrinsic self worth and that every human has something valuable to share.

We also talk about the powerful triad of physiology, focus and inner dialogue that you can use to start changing your relationship with confidence today.

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Episode 39

by Michael Daly