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by Renae Saager
Ditch The Binge

Ep 76: Body image, leaving diet culture, and powerful women.


Over the weekend two bigger names in the online space shared posts about letting go of dieting. These two women were Tabitha Brown and Diane San Filippo. Diane's very raw and real post in particular gave me goosebumps. I kept jumping back to her profile to see the comments HUNDREDS of women were leaving about their own experience with food and body. Countless women asking her questions about her experience- the same thing for Tabitha. In fact, her post was shared in a private Facebook group I am a part of as well by some member that I do not know.

All of this was telling me, "This is big. This is important. And I need to let more people know these women are talking about it."

Why? Because dieting and hating your body is the dominant way of existing in our culture. If you hate your body or wish your stomach were smaller or arms were more firm, no one bats an eye. In fact, you will probably have whoever is near you say something in agreement like. "ugh! I know! I hate my ______."

But when you hear a woman say, "I don't want to lose weight. I love my body. I think my legs are sexy as hell." You're confused. You may even think she is full of herself. How messed up is that?
To hear someone think highly of herself is shocking and to hear someone tear herself apart is somehow comforting.

So many women are killing themselves to look like women who hate how they look.

In this episode, I am talking about this all in more depth and detail.
Please do me a favor and share this episode. Share Diane and Tabitha's posts. Because we need more of this. We need more women admitting they struggle, more women admitting they want to love their body no matter what, and more women leading the way.
We need each other.

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by Renae Saager