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by Mandy Gill
Hooked on Habits hosted by Mandy Gill

Thomas Haas: Why Never Getting Too Good For Anything Leads To A Personal And Professional Life Full Of Purpose


“Never get too good for anything” - Thomas Haas. 

World renowned chocolatier and pastry chef, Thomas Haas, was born in the Black Forest of Germany. Working his way to Michelin-starred restaurants didn’t come easy. As an apprentice at the young age of 16 Thomas didn’t think anything of the fact that he was left handed, that was until the owner noticed he couldn’t use an apple peeler - apparently they were made for right handed people. That apple peeler is now displaced in the Restaurant Hall of Fame, and I’ll let Thomas tell you the rest! 

From being told “you're never going to make it”, responding with “well, I’ve got to try at least”, and then having 800 customers a day lined up outside of Thomas Haas’ Cafe locations, there’s no doubt this episode is filled with loads of valuable take-aways:

  • Stay humble. From cleaning, organizing, washing dishes, and following orders even while in charge at Michelin-starred restaurants at the age of 25, Thomas did it all. 
  • With a suitcase full of motivation, recipes, and ingredients Thomas ventured off to New York City to work to see if he was the right ‘fit’ for a famed restaurant.
  • The importance of honouring yourself the freedom of decision making.
  • How Thomas went about supporting his employees during the pandemic - which included food vouchers until government support came into play. Fast forward nine months and the company had its busiest Christmas in history.
  • Why safety and fun must be the dominate motivation behind your goals. 
  • …and much more!  

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Episode 6

Season 1

by Mandy Gill