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by Lily of the Herbs
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Wild Seeds grassroots regeneration celebrations


In this episode I interview Tiaan and Tommy, the two founders of a not for profit organisation called Wild Seeds. Formed at the beginning of 2020, the intention behind this movement is to connect people to the land, plant trees and have a party. In Australia we have cleared the vast majority of our native vegetation, and are now relying on what little we have left in the face of fierce droughts, bushfires and dust storms. I believe that connecting to plants, of whatever kind, is medicine. This is why grassroots groups like Wild Seeds have great potential for healing. If the human race realised that the vast majority of sickness and chronic illness were products of our separation from nature, then they would all have their shovels ready and waiting for the next regeneration celebration! To find out more about Wild Seeds, visit their Facebook: Facebook.com/wildseedsparty/ or Instagram: @wildseedsparty



by Lily of the Herbs