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Welcome to the first episode of “Listen Sis." with King AB! I am your favorite healthcare professional that accidentally turned into a social media influencer and motivational speaker virtually overnight; apparently, I'm also some kind of abomination. I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing here, but what I can say is that I'm back on my bullsh*t. In early 2020, I started my "Listen Sis" and "Come to Jesus Meeting" series on my other various platforms, and by sharing my story of reinvention and redirection from a series of harrowing rejections, I have evolved into your cheerleader, the person who is always in your corner, and forever your hype-woman. I am always here to remind you what you're capable of, and not to tip-toe around everyone else while working towards your goals, whatever they may be. Whether it be through the hills or the valleys, you deserve all the things in this world that bring you joy, and I will never let you forget that. Consider me as your personal hot mess with a hopeful message to give you the kick in the pants you need to get through another day. Listen sis, welcome to the parade.

Shareable Truth Bombs:

  • Honestly, there isn’t enough bourbon to take care of this…
  • My words are a little sharper and forceful than probably what you’re used to
  • We all get a little lost sometimes, and we all go through seasons of doubt, and that’s okay. I promise you that it is okay.
  • You have shit to do, and you have people to prove wrong and were are not going to dwell on that negative energy or that bullshit, right? Because we have been called to be mighty women, and men.
  • I want to be the podcast that ends all podcast, after me, there are no others.
  • A person who knows their value and who knows their self-worth and who loves themselves, and who is whole all by their damn selves, and who is made out of affirmations… a person like that cannot be broken.

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Episode 1

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