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by Christina and Grace
Planted & Growing

Self-Discipline: For Structure, Balance and Productivity


In this episode of Planted & Growing, we share our personal views on self discipline and the areas in our lives that could use some more of it. From procrastination to perfectionism, we discuss ways to help get up and just do the thing! Self discipline is a rewarding practice that can benefit everyone in many aspects of life. We hope you enjoy our conversation and feel free to give us feedback at plantedngrowing@gmail.com! Or on Instagram! @plantedandgrowing https://www.instagram.com/plantedandgrowing/ Grace: @claritydreamz https://www.instagram.com/claritydreamz/ Christina: @city_loveee https://www.instagram.com/city_loveee/ Links! Lauren Toyota: https://www.youtube.com/user/toyotalauren Mel Robbins: https://youtu.be/HSn-L9IXbOY


Episode 8

by Christina and Grace