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by Rachelle LaNae
Wreck Your Perfection

Making Peace with Your Inner Perfectionist with Ann Marie Dobosz


On today’s show, I have the privilege of speaking with Ann Marie Dobosz. Ann Marie is a licensed marriage and family therapist in the bay area, and the author of The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens. In this episode, she shares real life examples of what perfectionism can look like in ourselves, and the young people in our lives, and how we can work with the inner perfectionist, starting with recognizing the ways in which it’s holding us back, and then how we can work with it to create healthier thought processes and habits.

Buy The Perfectionism Workbook for Teens: https://bookshop.org/books/the-perfectionism-workbook-for-teens-activities-to-help-you-reduce-anxiety-and-get-things-done/9781626254541

Work with Ann Marie, and find more resources on perfectionism: https://annmarietherapy.com

She mentions Rick Hanson's work in the episode, who writes a lot about mindfulness, self-compassion, and positive emotions: https://www.rickhanson.net

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See you next week! Until then, be well, fail big, and go wreck your perfection!

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by Rachelle LaNae