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by Rachelle LaNae
Wreck Your Perfection

Redefining Resilience in Academics and Beyond with Adina Glickman


On today’s episode, I have the immense privilege of speaking with Adina Glickman. Adina is an academic coach for high school and college students and parents, as well as a career coach for young professionals. During her 18 years at Stanford University, she founded the Stanford Resilience Project, and co-founded the academic resilience consortium, an international collective of faculty and higher education professionals from over 250 schools in 16 countries. She is the author of The Resilient Learner (which is in press), and is the co-author of ‘Over the Influence: A Harm Reduction Guide to Managing Drugs and Alcohol.’ Adina is also a Certified Integral Coach. In this episode you’ll hear her sage advice for college students and parents on coping with the current pandemic, why sometimes we need to adapt instead of persevere, and how to view academic performance within a larger context.

To work with Adina or to learn more about her visit her website: https://www.adinaglickman.com

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Episode 5

Season 2

by Rachelle LaNae